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(1)2.25 (4) 7.95 (6) 11.95 (12) 19.95 

Camryn’s Strawberry Fields 

Strawberry glaze, white chocolate chips 

Leila’s Birthday Cake 

Chocolate or vanilla glaze, rainbow sprinkles 

S’more S’more 

Chocolate glaze, mini marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, graham cracker 

Toffee for your Coffee 

Caramel glaze, toffee pieces 

Logan’s Oreo Explosion 

Chocolate glaze, Oreo cookie crumbs, chocolate sprinkles 

Morgan’s Sundae 

Banana glaze, nuts, chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles 

Nico’s Delight 

Plain, cinnamon sugar 

Jesse’s Tropical Island 

Banana glaze, coconut, nuts, Oreo cookie crumbs 

Lemon Pucker 

Lemon glaze, powdered sugar 

Destinee’s Peanut Butter Choco Dream 

Chocolate glaze, peanut butter chips 

Caramel Bacon 

Caramel glaze, bacon pieces 

Strawberry Shortcake 

Strawberry glaze, powdered sugar, graham cracker 

Donut ala mode 

Warm donut topped and served with choice of gelato 




Vanilla Chocolate Banana Lemon Caramel Strawberry 


Cinnamon Sugar
Rainbow Sprinkles Peanut Butter Chips Toffee
White Chocolate Chips Graham Cracker Marshmallows Chocolate Chips 


Powdered sugar or Cinnamon Sugar 

(3) 5.00, 1.75 each additional


All of our coffee choices can be served iced or blended. Flavors add .75 


Regular or decaf/iced coffee 

Petit 1.95 Media 2.30 Grande 2.75 

Chai Latte 

Petit 4.25 Media 4.75 Grande 5.75 


Petit 2.50 Media 2.95 Grande 3.50 


Hot Chocolate 

Petit 3.85 Media 4.95 Grande 5.75 


Single shot 1.95 Double 2.75 


Petit 2.25 Media 2.75 


Espresso, steamed milk 

Petit 3.95 Media 4.75 Grande 5.75 

Beignet’s Special 

Espresso, dark chocolate, whipped cream 

Single shot 2.95 Double 3.75 

Espresso Con Panna 

Espresso, whipped cream 

Single shot 2.50 Double 2.95 

Café Mocha 

Espresso, chocolate syrup, steamed milk 

Petit 4.50 Media 4.95 Grande 5.95 

Café Caramel 

Espresso, caramel syrup, steamed milk 

Petit 4.50 Media 4.95 Grande 5.75 

Toffee Latte 

Espresso, caramel, chocolate syrup, steamed milk 

Petit 4.50 Media 4.95 Grande 5.95

Affogato ala Café 

Hot espresso served over vanilla gelato 

Media 6.00

Chocolate or Caramel Frappe 

Petit 4.95 Media 5.95 Grande 6.75 

Frozen Hot Chocolate 

Petit 4.95 Media 5.95 Grande 6.75 

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